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    why does rainbow road exist

    to separate the weak from the strong

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    Final Fantasy Explorers looks great ⊟

    We got our first look at Final Fantasy Explorers, the MonHun-ish 3DS action RPG with Final Fantasy classes, in this morning’s Nintendo Direct. I picked out some choice bits from the trailer to make GIFs out of, but you can watch the full presentation here.

    The game releases in Japan this winter. Nope, we don’t know anything about a Western release yet.

    BUY Theatrhythm: Curtain Call, Theatrhythm, upcoming games

    @cyspixels THIS IS WHY I NEED A 3DS. MONSTER HUNTER AND THIS I miss playing games with people sobsob

    yes, agreed! that is right up my alley and i’ve been keeping track of this game too!

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    Robert Pattinson

    i caNT BREATHE


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    Bravest Warriors Dice Game? Awesome! 

    [Check it out here]

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    You guys!  Today is PUBLICATION DAY for my new picture book called HUG MACHINE!!

    That is right!  HUG MACHINE is out today in stores all over the place.  This is incredibly exciting for me because this will be the first picture book in which I have both written the words AND drawn the pictures.  An exciting milestone, my friends.

    HUG MACHINE is the story of a child who is super down with hugging.  He is the self-proclaimed Hug Machine and he is very excited to tell everyone about it. He is very good at hugging and he is not shy to show the world.  He is ready for you to watch how amazing he is at hugging.

    You can read more about this at PyramidCar.com

    And if you want to print out activities for you kids that are all about the Hug Machine, you can go to HugMachineBook.com 

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    my latest illustration! an ode to my troubled love/hate relationship with clutter.

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  7. "You are personally responsible for becoming more ethical than the society you grew up in."
    — Eliezer Yudkowsky (via brntsienna)

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    also people should keep in mind that sometimes when an artist says “doodle" what they mean is "stress-free art”. that doesn’t necessarily mean that the “doodle” they made is something that they didn’t work hard at or didn’t spend a long time on. some people get really out of control when they see impressive works and the artist write “just a doodle” and they think, this is it, this is the end, im no longer going to be an artist, how can i possibly compare myself.

    sometimes “just a doodle” means “not working on commissions or something work-based”, so don’t fret yourselves. plus not everyone who posts art plans on a bunch of people seeing it. you don’t really expect your stupid poorly written artist caption to be seen by a lot of people via reblogs,

    Oh… wow I never thought of it like that, despite saying it myself. Cool.

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    Hello everyone! I have finally joined every other webcartoonist and set up a Patreon campaign in hopes of increasing my comics output. If you’re not familiar with Patreon, it’s a way to help support the people who make things you enjoy by pledging a small monthly amount (check out the in-depth FAQ here).

    If you enjoy my work, I hope you’ll consider becoming a patron so that I’ll be able to keep making more of it. Thank you!

    Anthony! Anthony is great!

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    crystal gems sleep sleepy 

    sleepy gems

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    Drinks? Yep. A quintet of game developers? You betcha. If you’re coming to PAX or are in the greater Seattle, WA area, come join us at Devs & Bevs! 

    Five independent game developers—including us, naturally—are hosting a bar night at the Hard Rock Cafe on Sunday, August 31st from 6:00 to 10:00.

    The lineup for the evening is extraordinary.

    6:00—Fantasia from Harmonix
    6:30—Firewatch from Campo Santo
    7:00—Tharsis from Choice Provisions
    7:30—Below from Capy 
    8:00—MASSIVE CHALICE from Double Fine
    8:30—Costume Quest 2 from Double Fine
    9:00—Gang Beasts from Boneloaf

    And more!

    Join us for a night of games, drinks, good people, and fun times!

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    1001 Hylian Nights
    2014, digital, time

    For FanExpo 2014. This pretty much explains itself. I’m speaking, of course, about the strong argument for a Link with a handlebar moustache.

    A few close detail shots will be posted on my Facebook page. Thanks for taking a look!

    Glitch Ritual on: Facebook | Twitter

    I don’t often reblog the work of others, but I thought I’d make an exception for this fantastic Arabian Nights themed Zelda piece by glitchritual!

    If you’re around FanExpo in Toronto this weekend, drop by his table and pick up a print or two (or three).

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    grocery shop

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  15. "Bitch you ain’t even priority mail."
    — Alex about bitches

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