2. tails as a girl do not steal


    just some doodles from twitter over the last couple days

  3. anthonyholden:

    I have to give a big shout out to Hulu for bringing back so many good memories. Dragonball and Sailor Moon are at pretty opposite ends of the anime spectrum, but both of them were formative experiences for me as a young lad.

    I’m sure in some weird way, they shaped some of my ideas of what Japan is like. It has been a lot of fun to go back and rewatch these series on Hulu after my experience living in Japan and studying Japanese in school. In a lot of ways they look kind of dated, but mostly I’m impressed with how well they both hold up.

    If you haven’t added them to your queue, you should avail yourself of the opportunity!

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  4. lythy:

    Marceline with a cute and short haircut. 

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  6. mattsbluehoodie:

    Day 16 - boo blah

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  8. nicterhorstsketch:

    More work doodles

    super super cuties

  9. stupidoomdoodles:

    And here’s Wirkersh's second comission, a “What if vegeta was the saiyan who was stranded on earth instead of Goku” comic/sketches ! He has the biggest crush on Bulma ever and I refuse any other headcanon

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  10. empartridge:

    happy winter

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  11. #PorcoRosso #Drawings

  12. mattsbluehoodie:

    Bunsen and Anna - just playing with deviating from Anna’s regular style just a bit.

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  13. mattsbluehoodie:

    sketchy sketchy pikmin sketchy

    I beat Pikmin 3 (loved it!) recently so I wanted to draw something. going to ink and color it soon.

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  14. reedicule:

    So I’ve gone freelance. The budget is tight at the moment so I’m offering up my commissions again. Once again I’ll do a single character for $20 and I’m going to do animal portraits too but for $30 each. 

    This price includes a high resolution file so that you can print your commission and hang it up in a museum. *ahem*

    Send me an email reedblackillustrator@yahoo.com to get your commission.


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  15. jlplummer:

    Ah well, not much today since I’ve been mostly messing with organizing project files on the new computer, but finished up a few Bilbo sketches I really liked.