1. lythy:

    Marceline with a cute and short haircut. 

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    Day 16 - boo blah

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    More work doodles

    super super cuties

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    And here’s Wirkersh's second comission, a “What if vegeta was the saiyan who was stranded on earth instead of Goku” comic/sketches ! He has the biggest crush on Bulma ever and I refuse any other headcanon

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    happy winter

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  8. #PorcoRosso #Drawings

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    Bunsen and Anna - just playing with deviating from Anna’s regular style just a bit.

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    sketchy sketchy pikmin sketchy

    I beat Pikmin 3 (loved it!) recently so I wanted to draw something. going to ink and color it soon.

  11. reedicule:

    So I’ve gone freelance. The budget is tight at the moment so I’m offering up my commissions again. Once again I’ll do a single character for $20 and I’m going to do animal portraits too but for $30 each. 

    This price includes a high resolution file so that you can print your commission and hang it up in a museum. *ahem*

    Send me an email reedblackillustrator@yahoo.com to get your commission.


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  12. jlplummer:

    Ah well, not much today since I’ve been mostly messing with organizing project files on the new computer, but finished up a few Bilbo sketches I really liked.


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    Pokemon Draw Journal

    505 Watchog

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    Pokemon Draw Journal

    507 Herdier

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    Here’s my design and entry for WeLoveFine’s Gravity Falls contest!

    Rating starts 2/13/2013!

    Hey guys, here’s my design! I hope you like it! I’ll be passing this link around again when rating starts.